Tips on Avoiding a Car to Bike Collision

Riding a bike has a number of benefits. It allows people to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise. Every day, more people opt to ride their bike to work instead of drive That is why it is important for bike riders to take extra caution while on the road to avoid a car to bike collision. Being visible is one of the key things that you will need to do in order to avoid getting into a collision with a car. (more…)

How is Fault Determined in an Ohio Car Accident?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine which driver is at fault in a car accident, but it’s important to determine fault for insurance claims and lawsuits. Fault is any negligence or careless conduct that leads to a crash, and more than one driver can be at fault for a car accident. There are several factors to consider when determining fault. (more…)

How to Prevent Driver Fatigue

No matter if you are riding a motorcycle, driving a sports car, or rolling down the road in a big truck, you need to be vigilant every second you are behind the wheel. There are many factors that can slow down a driver and lead to accidents, but one of the most dangerous is driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is all too common today with the hectic pace people are forced to live up to in the modern society. The scariest thing is that driver fatigue is very common in the trucking industry, which has the potential of causing devastating accidents. Accidents due to fatigue can ruin people’s lives with injuries or even become fatal. (more…)

New Ohio Law May Allow Drivers to Run Red Lights

Much has been made of the bill signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich earlier this year, which apparently makes it legal to run a red light. However, read a bit deeper and you’ll see that the bill doesn’t give drivers carte blanche to run red lights whenever they feel like it, instead, it only makes it legal to run a red light if the light is malfunctioning. (more…)

Can Public Bus Passengers File a Claim After an Accident?

When a person chooses to take public transportation, they rely on the bus driver to get them safely to their destination. Unfortunately, driver error, bus malfunction, and road conditions can all cause bus crashes that devastate their victims. When a crash happens, it’s important that a victim works with an Ohio bus accident attorney to make sure that they receive the compensation they deserve under Ohio law.


The Facts Behind Ohio Car Accidents

The latest available Ohio highway accident statistics show that out of more than 300,000 car accidents in 2010, there were 1,080 fatalities. Personal injury attorneys in Ohio know that accident victims and their families undergo emotional, financial and physical devastation, especially when another party is at fault. Attorneys with experience representing personal injury victims work hard to get their clients adequate financial compensation. (more…)

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Legal Rights of Undocumented Immigrants

Under the United States Constitution, the undocumented immigrants living in the country have some rights despite their unlawful status. This aspect of the United States Constitution address basic human rights that apply to anyone in the United States. There are also many rights granted to the illegal immigrants by some states. (more…)

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False Ohio Speed Limits Trap Drivers

Speed limits have many purposes. They are used to help set a specific traffic speed on certain roads. They are also used to help reduce the kind of injuries and even fatalities that can happen when there are no speed limits in place. Some communities also use speed limits to help increase incoming revenues in order to fund local infrastructure and other necessary state services. While speed limits vary from place to place and from road to road, there are certain speed limits that must meet a national standard such as those on state highways. States can also set their own speed limits on certain streets under certain circumstances. (more…)