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Most Important Bus Safety Tips

bus-safetyAnyone traveling on a bus in Ohio should follow certain safety rules in order to avoid an injury. Bus safety is important for children who are riding school buses or anyone using buses designed for the public. Follow these tips to remain safe while riding a bus.

Tip One: Remain Alert

Safety begins before anyone gets on a bus by remaining alert at a bus stop. A bus stop is the perfect place for a criminal to try to steal a handbag or assault someone carrying shopping bags. Keep a cellphone ready to call law officials if something unusual happens.

Two: Stay Out of the Street

Anyone waiting for a bus should avoid walking into or standing on the street because it is possible for another driver to hit them accidentally. To alert a bus driver about wanting to get on the bus, raise a hand and wave as the vehicle approaches.

Three: Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

Don’t wear dark colors of clothing when riding a bus, especially at night. By wearing white, bright or reflective jackets, shirts and slacks, other drivers are able to see a pedestrian standing at a bus stop or walking along the sidewalk.

Four: Wait Until the Bus Stops

Make sure to wait until the bus stops completely and the bus driver opens the door before attempting to get on the bus. Do not walk in front of the bus unless the bus driver is able to see pedestrians easily.

Five: Check the Bus Driver’s Credentials

Take a look at the bus driver to make sure they are wearing a uniform and name tag. If the bus driver is acting strangely or not driving correctly, then look at their credential nameplate and photograph that is located toward the front of the bus.

Six: Stay Awake on the Bus

It is not a good idea to sleep while riding a school or public bus because it makes it impossible to remain alert enough to know if someone is attempting a crime such as theft or assault. Also keep shopping bags and valuables nearby to avoid tempting a thief.

Seven: Leave the Bus Safely

Hold onto the stair rails while leaving the bus to avoid a fall onto the street or sidewalk. Make sure that the bus driver waits until passengers are off of the bus before they drive to the next stop.

Suffering A “Minor” Car Accident Injury

car-accident-injuryIt is estimated that there are between 20 million and 50 million auto accidents per year all throughout the world. This is an incredible amount, and it is important to remember that this is not the only way in which one can sustain an injury which may require legal justice.

The courts in the United States settle incidents in which one party injuries another. This is important because an impartial third party such as this is required to settle the dispute without having a stake in the outcome so to speak.

What many are curious about is what exactly they should do when they are involved in a minor accident. They wonder what they should consider when the injuries sustained are not life threatening and are likely to heal up within a few months at the latest. The truth is that even in these circumstances, a lawyer should still be contacted.

A minor injury sustained in an auto accident may not seem like a big deal at first, but the truth is that sometimes the most minor of injuries can expand into bigger issues if they are left untreated. Contrary to common belief, even small injuries can at times cause one to miss out on work or otherwise lose out on money that they should have had coming in.

Contacting a lawyer is not as extreme of a measure as it is often made out to be. Lawyers are commonly contacted to inquire about the legality of topics or just to hear from an expert who knows what he or she is talking about. After all, most drivers do not have expert knowledge on how the law works, but a lot of us know someone who does.

Lawyers often offer free consultations to those who are curious about what their legal options are. This means that there is no risk to contacting a lawyer, but the reward could be huge if there is a case to be made. These free consultations can provide very important insight into what the situation really is.

In the state of Ohio, lawyers can seek damages for their clients for even minor injuries sustained through no fault of their own. This means that there are plenty of people in the state who may in fact have a claim that they should take up with the court system to see where they stand.

Do not feel ashamed to ask for legal help for even minor injuries. Everyone wants to get the justice they deserve, and that often means getting a lawyer involved.

The Cost of Car Accidents in Ohio Are Rising

car-accidentThe cost of a car accident is on the rise in Ohio. Even someone with legal insurance can be left with a great financial burden after an accident. It’s important to understand why costs are on the rise so that insurance plans can be updated and future financial decisions considered when necessary.

Medical Costs
There is little argument that overall healthcare costs are rising. Victims of car accidents may require both emergency care and long-term treatment, even after a relatively minor incident. With more treatments available, modern medicine is better able to treat even more injuries, but it comes at a high price. Serious accidents can keep the bills coming long after the insurance has paid and the legal matters have been settled. As the price of an emergency room visit and in-home nursing care increase, so does the cost of an accident.

Vehicle Prices
As portions of the state see an uptick in economic growth and personal income, those affected upgrade their vehicles. Newer models with fancy gadgets don’t come with small price tags, and having to replace one may not be fully covered by insurance. Even those who have not seen a boost in income are affected by high-dollar vehicles. While the driver at fault may be driving an old jalopy, if he hits a new SUV with all the trimmings he could end up paying more to replace the other vehicle than his own is worth, even after insurance.

Insurance Rates
A person without accidents or tickets may have avoided recent insurance rate hikes in Ohio, but even a single accident will wipe out a significant amount of savings. On average, it can be expected that a driver with a previously clean record could see an eighteen percent increase in her car insurance premiums from a single accident. If the driver is at fault or is found to have been intoxicated the increase could be even greater. It may also be difficult for consumers to switch insurance companies or even find a company willing to cover them once the original policy has terminated. Insurance companies may also charge additional fees related to mandated reporting in certain cases.

The costs after an accident may be very difficult to control and budget. It is possible to limit the damages, though a good car accident attorney may be necessary.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing An Ohio Accident Attorney

hit-and-runIf you have been involved in an accident in Ohio, it’s important to speak to a well-respected, experienced attorney who can handle the details of the case and bring about the best outcome for you.

There are many issues to consider and questions to ask before choosing an attorney for representation in the Ohio area. Here are the top things to consider before choosing an Ohio accident attorney.

How much of the attorney’s practice focuses on accident claims? This is important, as an attorney who specializes in handling accidents will likely have a better track record when it comes to settling cases successfully. This will be a big benefit for you if you decide to have this attorney take on your case.

2. Does the attorney return phone calls and messages quickly? Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is a traumatic experience, and an attorney who is available to serve the client’s needs by being accessible for communication is the key to having a satisfying outcome in a case. Be sure that the attorney you hire in Ohio is one who is available and responsive.

3. What is the attorney’s track record in the successful settlement of cases? Take the time to study the attorney’s background and track record as far as settling cases. The attorney’s actual experience dealing with the courts and successfully handling cases is probably the most important issue to examine before signing on with an attorney.

4. What is the attorney’s experience and training? Be sure to do a thorough check on the attorney’s education as well as their reputation in the community. All of these elements will speak to the future success of your case, so don’t be shy about checking on the person’s background.

5. Do you feel comfortable spending time with the attorney and the office staff? One you sign on with an attorney for representation, you will be spending a lot of time with him and the people who work for him or her. Be sure you feel comfortable with them. It won’t hurt to do a “gut check” along with a basic background check.

Going through an accident is never easy, but if you need to hire an attorney to handle an accident claim in Ohio, do your homework so you can experience the best possible outcome in your case.

AAA Advice to Parents: Spend Much More Driving Time with Teens

teen-driverThe irony is certainly apparent in this: More than a few of the parents in 50 North Carolina families studied by researchers seeking to gauge the amount of meaningful interaction between parents and their teenagers learning to drive in the permit phase likely spent more time with the researchers than with their kids.

The study, which was released in early October, was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center. It examined the amount of time and quality of instruction that the parents provided to their driving teens over a four-month period. Cameras and audio equipment were installed in cars, and the parents were interviewed 10 times during the process. The goal: to learn useful lessons that can be applied to reduce car accidents involving teens.

That focus is well aimed, given that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. In 2008, 1,368 teen drivers died in motor vehicle accidents.

The results of the study:

•    Most parents don’t spend nearly enough time teaching their kids to drive

•    Teens don’t drive enough in challenging conditions during the pre-license stage

•    Parents are too often not proactively engaged during what should be viewed as a driving lesson

The AAA Foundation recommends 100 supervised hours or more of driving for teens. Many of the parents in the study spent less than two hours a week teaching their kids driving skills. Moreover, they routinely avoided subjecting their teen drivers to the driving environments that AAA urges they spend most of their time in, namely, driving in congested traffic, at night and in bad weather.

AAA Foundation president Peter Kissinger sums it all up by offering this advice: Parents, spend more time – much more time – with your teen driver, stress defensive driving incessantly, and actively impart intelligent driving strategies.