The Appeals Process for Denials on Disability Claims


It is possible to receive approval after a denial on a disability insurance claim. Social Security disability insurance, or SSDI, employer disability and some private disability insurance policies allow an individual to file multiple appeals. Initial denials are common; only approximately 33 percent of SSDI claims are approved the first time. Those who have employer … Read more…

How do Police Identify Drunk Drivers?


Sometimes it’s easy to tell who is inebriated on the road. A guy singing good ol’ boy songs by the Oakridge Boys while holding a bottle of Hennessy swivels along the interstate; a young chap leaving the bar at 3 AM can’t seem to tell there is a dotted line that divides the street. At other … Read more…

Key Car Accident Terms You Should Know


It is not uncommon for anyone who is filing a lawsuit or insurance claim for a car accident to feel lost in the array of legalize and technical language used by attorneys and insurance adjusters. However, there are some terms that one may hear more often than others. This basic terms glossary is an excellent … Read more…

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