How to Write an Effective Car Insurance Demand Letter

The car insurance demand letter is a written document that you send to your insurance company to state your demands. It should include all the information needed by the claims adjuster to evaluate your whole claim. The main points in the letter should be: presentation of all relevant facts, a short argument based on those facts, details about losses and costs to support your car accident claim’s value.

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What Auto Accident Injuries Allow You to Pursue Compensation?

Unfortunately, due to how unpredictable car accidents can be, and how many variables there are involved such as what the vehicles were, where they collided or crashed, and at what street, there may be a wide variety of injuries that result from the crash. Not every car accident injury will allow you to pursue compensation. It is important to note that no matter what kind of injury it is, that you should seek medical attention right away. Seemingly harmless bumps and bruises may be hiding something more serious internally, and you will want a medical expert to clear that up first before doing anything else. After that, these are the following auto accident injuries that allow you to pursue compensation.

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Ohio Electronic Device Laws While Driving

No matter where you are in the country, texting and driving will be seriously discouraged. However, back in August 31st, 2012, Ohio signed in a law that made it clear that it’s not just texting that will get you pulled over while driving. In an attempt to reduce car accidents, Ohio’s House Bill 99 made several additions to the ban of electronic devices when operating a vehicle. These laws are especially aimed towards minors, in other words, drivers under eighteen years old.

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