Do Your Insurance Rates Go Up When You’re Not At Fault?

Like most people, you want to keep your insurance rates as low as possible. You may have been involved in an Ohio car accident and are now worried that your insurance rates are going to rise. The good news is your car insurance company may not raise your rate if you are not at fault. The answer to your question of whether your insurance rates will go up when you’re not at fault depends on different variables. Your insurance company should be one of the first calls that you make after an accident. Do not let the fear of your insurance rising prevent you from making the call.

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Top 3 People To Call After A Car Accident

Phone Call After Car Collission

Being a responsible driver means staying alert and aware. Even if people stay connected with their phones, you should keep your phone away while driving. You should also always use your turn signals when changing lanes, follow road signs, and drive as close to the speed limit as possible. While you may already follow these Ohio guidelines for safe driving, many people on the road do not. Many drivers text while driving which puts them at risk for a potential accident. While we do not recommend using your phone while driving, we do recommend making a few calls immediately after an accident. Listed below are the top 3 people to call after a car accident.

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The Importance of Taking Photos After a Car Accident

car accident photos

It is normal to experience shock right after a car accident. After your vehicle shuts down, your airbags deploy, and car alarms go off, one of the most difficult things to do is think with a clear head. At the same time, the moments that follow right after a car accident are the most vital when you want to file a claim, either for your insurance company or for a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

You are often told that after a car accident you should check to see if you or anyone else involved is okay, exchange insurance information, and file a report with the police and your insurance. Many people often forget to take photos right after the accident. These photos can be what make or break your personal injury claim.

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What to do if you are a Pedestrian Struck by a Car in Ohio

When thinking about car accidents, many have the immediate thought of two vehicles colliding against each other. In reality, a car crash can occur in many ways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 4,000 people each year are killed by a vehicle when taking a walk, jogging, or sitting on the sidewalk. The danger of getting hit by a car even when you are not behind the wheel is very real, and if you find yourself struck by a car in Ohio, this is what you need to know:

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