How to Navigate the Insurance Adjuster Interview


The first call you place after a car accident is to your insurance company. When this happens, you are paired with an insurance adjuster who will guide you through your claim. What many are not prepared for is the interview process with the adjuster, who will have many questions about the accident. The thought of being questioned may be intimidating to some, but this interview makes it easier for your adjuster to collect the necessary information to start the claims process. 

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Should I Hire an Attorney based on a Contingency Fee?


When you need a personal injury attorney, you want someone who is willing to step up and truly get you the compensation that you deserve. Although the majority of attorneys are paid a certain amount per hour that they work on a case, some lawyers are willing to work on a contingency.

Working on a contingency means that your attorney is not going to get paid until he or she wins the case. Unlike attorneys that are paid an hourly rate, those working for compensation are taking a risk since they put time, energy, and money into a case that may or may not be profitable in the long run. 

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Common Questions about Ohio Car Accidents and Claims


No matter how carefully you drive or what you do to prevent collisions, car crashes are inevitable. Maybe the other driver was distracted, perhaps the weather conditions made it hard to see; whatever the case, when you’re in a car collision in Ohio, it’s important to know what steps to take so that you can begin to recover from the accident. Listed below are several helpful questions and answers about car accidents in Ohio and how you can protect your rights.

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Are Freak Accidents Truly Blameless?

Many people whose family members were injured in a tragic accident reach out to us. They do not know who can be held responsible for the accident. These types of incidents are often referred to as freak accidents. However, it is important to note that in most cases, someone can be held responsible for a freak accident.

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