Getting in an Accident With an Unlicensed Driver

When it comes to car accidents, it’s impossible to think of the experience as good. With that said, there are certainly some accidents that are more complex, and therefore more draining, than others. If you are involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or a license, you might go from a bad situation to one that is truly untenable. This is a situation you can’t handle on your how, so make sure that you are protected by working with an experienced auto injury attorney.

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How Do Vehicle Modifications Affect Your Claim

Modified Insurance Policies For Modified Vehicles

Some people love to add after-market parts to vehicles, turning their commute into a better expression of themselves. Though with all the upgrades they may purchase for the vehicle, gold-plated rims, custom paint jobs, and carbon fiber body kits, the one thing many fail to include in their upgrades is their insurance policies. While they drive custom vehicles worth thousands more than the standard version of the vehicle, they still only purchase the standard coverage, which more often than not does not cover the entire value of their investment.

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How Worn Tires Contribute To Accidents

If a driver fails to properly maintain his or her tires, then they could be held responsible if the worn tires resulted in an accident that caused property damage, injury, or death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, worn tires are the cause of an estimated 11,000 accidents and 200 deaths every year. As tires age, they begin to lose tread and the structural integrity of the tires are compromised, which increases the chances of a blow out or skid that causes an automobile accident. Worn tires are especially dangerous during the summer as the heat makes the tires weaker. An Ohio accident attorney can help investigate whether the tires or some other element was responsible for the accident.

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Ohio’s New Red Light Law

New Law in Ohio Red Light

In Ohio, a new state law was recently passed that allows motorists to go through red lights that are not working properly. If the light is not working properly, and if there is no oncoming traffic in the intersection, then a driver may drive through the red light. Police in Ohio, however, are warning people not to drive through red lights simply because they are in a rush and informing them that it is still necessary to stop. John Jung, Kettering police officer, said that motorists should not “approach a red light, wait for a couple of seconds and determine that it is malfunctioning and then blow through a red light. You still have to proceed with caution.”

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