Driving Tips for OSU Freshmen

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Your high school days are over! You are officially a Buckeye and about to embark on your first year at Ohio State University. From exhilarating game days to meeting your new roommate who will eventually become your best friend or your arch-nemesis, the list of things to look forward to are endless. To add to the excitement, you’re on your own with the freedom to travel wherever you see fit. Whether you’re a Columbus native or new to the area, there are a few driving tips you should know that can help make your OSU freshman experience a breeze. We have outlined a few tips for you to consider when navigating campus for your upcoming freshman year.

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OH Best Driving Practices around Work Zones


Work zones are often signs of new developments. Whenever a city embarks on a new project to build additional bridges or highways, while the future may look promising for the city’s residents, the prospect of ongoing construction can be daunting and inconvenient. Work zones are known for limiting road space and lowering speed limits which can heavily influence your commute duration.

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Dangers of Using Cruise Control

cruise control

Cruise control is a speed control option that dates back to the 17th century when they were being used in steam engines. It was first implemented for use in a motorized vehicle in the early 1900’s and modernized in 1958. Mechanical engineer, Ralph Teetor, was frustrated with his lawyer increasing and decreasing his speed as he spoke and sought out a solution. The brainchild from Ralph’s problem is what we know today as cruise control. This speed-regulating system is used daily by commuters with tired legs to truckers traveling across the country alike, but is it safe? We have outlined a few of the greatests risks faced when using cruise control.

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