Top 3 Reasons Why Car Accidents are Becoming More Fatal

Through technological advances, we have been able to find ways to make cars safer. Better regulations and codes have been put in place to hold car manufacturers accountable for installing safety features in their vehicles. Unfortunately, even as our cars have gotten safer, human behavior can still hinder progress. We’ve comprised a list of the top 3 reasons why car accidents are becoming more fatal.

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How Do Vehicle Modifications Diminish Your Vehicle’s Safety?

Modifying a car is a common way to make a vehicle your own unique ride. Whether it’s a new paint job or customized stickers, there are multiple ways to make your vehicle stand out from the others. Unfortunately, sometimes these upgrades are not only illegal, but they can also take away from the vehicle’s safety features. Here a few modifications that can diminish your vehicle’s safety:

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National Safety Council Finds Rising Car Accident Fatalities in 2016

Getting in a car accident is a risk that every driver faces when they decide to hit the road, but as  of late, car accidents have been an increasingly growing trend on American roadways. In 2015, the White House and Department of Traffic issued a call to action as they witnessed 2,348 more people die in traffic accidents compared to 2014.

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