The Facts Behind Ohio Car Accidents

The latest available Ohio highway accident statistics show that out of more than 300,000 car accidents in 2010, there were 1,080 fatalities. Personal injury attorneys in Ohio know that accident victims and their families undergo emotional, financial and physical devastation, especially when another party is at fault. Attorneys with experience representing personal injury victims work hard to get their clients adequate financial compensation.

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Legal Rights of Undocumented Immigrants

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Under the United States Constitution, the undocumented immigrants living in the country have some rights despite their unlawful status. This aspect of the United States Constitution address basic human rights that apply to anyone in the United States. There are also many rights granted to the illegal immigrants by some states.

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False Ohio Speed Limits Trap Drivers

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Speed limits have many purposes. They are used to help set a specific traffic speed on certain roads. They are also used to help reduce the kind of injuries and even fatalities that can happen when there are no speed limits in place. Some communities also use speed limits to help increase incoming revenues in order to fund local infrastructure and other necessary state services. While speed limits vary from place to place and from road to road, there are certain speed limits that must meet a national standard such as those on state highways. States can also set their own speed limits on certain streets under certain circumstances.

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Additional Penalties for Distracted Driving in Ohio

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Beware how you use your phone while behind the wheel! Texting, tweeting, or making a phone call as you drive is now very expensive: Any person who distracts a driver or causes an auto accident by using a handheld electronic communication equipment is liable to a $100 penalty on top of other fines. The handheld devices include cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

The new fine is applicable in several types of distracted driving, including the use of smartphones while driving, personal grooming tools, or eating while steering a vehicle, as all such activities are now classified as distractions. Only the use of hands-free devices is regarded as exceptional. The residents found guilty of distracted driving have the option to pay the $100 fine or enroll in a distracted driving safety program.

Distracted Driving Bill in Ohio 

The distracted driving bill is the product of two Ohio state representatives, Jim Hughes (R-Columbus) and Seitz (R-Cincinnati), whose aim is to enhance safer driving practices and reduce road carnage.

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