3 Ways Social Media Hurts Your Personal Injury Claim

Today, nearly every person has at least one social media account. They use them to communicate with friends and post regular status updates. Although social media is ideal for connectivity, there are some instances when avoiding social media is best. People who file personal injury claims can hurt their case with what they post on social media, which is why it is important to know what information is public and how it can affect a claim.

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4 Common Car Accident Dental Injuries

In the context of auto accident injuries, it’s natural to think of neck, back, and head injuries, but dental injuries aren’t at all unusual. One can characterize dental injuries as direct or indirect. With a direct injury, the mouth is struck by a foreign object. An indirect injury involves the sudden and violent slamming shut of the mouth that results in lower teeth getting crushed by upper teeth. Regardless of whether dental injuries are direct or indirect, they can be unbearably painful for a victim. Here are four types of common dental injuries that people suffer in car accidents.

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Ohio Car Accident Rates on the Rise

Although some reports indicate that auto accidents have decreased nationwide over the past ten years, the accident rates in some states have done the opposite. Ohio is one of those states. According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal crashes have increased by nearly five percent in Ohio. There were almost 306,000 accidents reported in Ohio in 2016, which resulted in 112,000 injuries. Also, statistics show that well over 1,100 fatalities and over 400 of them were the result of drivers or passengers not wearing safety belts.

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Who is Liable in a Public Bus Accident?

Residents and visitors alike throughout Ohio depend on city buses, shuttle buses, and school buses as a major form of transportation. Unfortunately, bus accidents occur frequently. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 20,000 people were injured and 254 were killed in 2009 as a result of bus accidents across the country.

Bus accidents occur because of poor bus maintenance, driver negligence, dangerous road conditions, and various other factors that are out of the control of passengers. In Ohio, the victim of a bus accident has the right to seek compensation from those who were responsible for the accident. It’s essential to have an Ohio bus accident lawyer who has experience with such personal injury lawsuits to ensure effectiveness.

By working with an experienced personal injury attorney can be most beneficial. Ohio bus accident lawyers who understand the emotional, physical, and financial impact of an accident can help build your case.

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