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5 Common Misunderstandings People Have About Car Accidents

Car accidents are frequent, but that doesn’t mean people understand the facts behind them. Most people never expect to be involved in an accident, and therefore, have no idea what to do when one happens. There are a number of myths that many assume to be facts regarding car accidents, and we are here to clear the air. (more…)

Calculating a Car Accident Claim In Ohio

There are many factors one must take into consideration when determining a settlement amount. Personal injury cases have different parties, circumstances, and facts that establish how much they are worth. For those wondering about the value of a personal injury claim in Ohio, here are some common factors to take into consideration. (more…)

Distracted Driving Increases 39% In Ohio

Distracted driving is on the rise in Ohio. For proof of that, one must only drive by the Chardon post of the Ohio Highway Patrol (OHP), where Sergeant Daniel Jesse’s patrol car sits, or at least what’s left of it. This reminder to take distracted driving more seriously is the result of a collision with an alleged drunk driver, who was also suspected of distracted driving. (more…)