3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Oil

Proper car maintenance starts with changing engine oil regularly. Engine oil is designed to lubricate the moving parts inside the car and reduce friction. Engine oil also prevents the engine from being damaged by oil and soot.

Many people end up having problems with their cars because they don’t realize when it’s time to take the car for an oil change. Most drivers rely on professionals to tell them when when the oil needs a change. It’s important for drivers to be on the lookout for problems caused by old oil in the car. Not changing oil often enough will eventually cause the car to break down. That’s why you should be on the lookout for any serious problem that could’ve been caused by old oil.

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Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Tires

Every year, over 30 million used tires are sold around the country. Used tires make up roughly 10 percent of the US tire market. Used tires can be hard to resist for most Americans, as they are usually much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts.

Unfortunately, a used tire isn’t always in mint condition! Often, used tires can have quality issues that the dealer fails to address. Used tires might be one of those bargains that’s just too good to be true.

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