5 Common Misunderstandings People Have About Car Accidents

Car accidents are frequent, but that doesn’t mean people understand the facts behind them. Most people never expect to be involved in an accident, and therefore, have no idea what to do when one happens. There are a number of myths that many assume to be facts regarding car accidents, and we are here to clear the air.

Minor Damage Doesn’t Require Police

If someone is involved in a car accident in which the damage is minor, they can leave the scene, right? Wrong. It’s a hit-and-run if someone flees the scene, even if they do leave a note. They must call the police and stay put. Vacating the site of an accident could result in jail time.

Insurance Rates Go Up

The common belief that being involved in a car accident automatically increases someone’s car insurance rates is not true. There aren’t any automatic insurance rate repercussions for getting in an accident.  If the accident is someone else’s fault, the victim might not see any difference in his or her insurance policy rates.

Injuries Don’t Happen in Minor Accidents

If someone is driving slowly and bumps into another car in the parking lot, there could still be a chance of injury. There is no such thing as a minor accident. Failure to seek treatment for injuries or potential injuries after an accident can be detrimental and costly in the long run.

Everyone Recognizes Big Injuries Right Away

Even if someone doesn’t feel or notice an injury at the moment of impact, they might still be seriously injured. Some of the most severe injuries are not noticeable immediately following an accident. Some are internal, and some take days to appear. Car accident victims should get medical help as soon as possible to avoid having to foot the ensuing medical bills.

Police Reports Are Everything

It’s true that the police report is essential, but that doesn’t mean that everything in the police report is accurate. An attorney can open an investigation and challenge the information on the report if he finds it necessary. With that said, it is crucial that all car accident victims pursue legal action if they believe the information in the police report to be inaccurate.

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