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Pedestrian crossing signAccording to data from the National Highway Traffic Administration, on average, a pedestrian is killed every two hours and injured every seven minutes in traffic crashes.” The NHTSA statistics also show that while it is becoming safer to travel in cars, it’s becoming more dangerous to go for a walk or a run. Unfortunately, in a cars vs. people situation, it’s usually the cars that prevail and the people who get hurt. Here are some tips for pedestrians on how to remain safe when navigating the city on foot.:

  1. Be as predictable as possible and obey the signs and signals on the road. Do not try to jaywalk.
  2. Always try to walk on the sidewalks when they are available. If not, walk in the direction facing traffic, but remain in the corner.
  3. Pay attention at all times. Tune out all electronic distractions and keep your eyes and ears on the road.
  4. When crossing the street, look for cars in all directions before proceeding.
  5. Be visible at all times. During the night wear bright colors and during he day wear reflective colors that will alert drivers of your presence.
  6. Look out for cars as they leave or enter driveways or parking garages. You may see them, but they might not see you.
  7. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs while walking. This may impair your judgement possibly causing harm to yourself and those around you.

Many victims often find themselves drowning in medical bills, loss of wages, physical pain, and mental stress. You may find difficult to meet deadlines and follow the protocol for properly filling out certain legal documents. An attorney will understand how to properly file court documents and prepare you for what lies ahead. In addition, a lawyer understands the law in your area and has experience negotiating with insurance companies.

In the event that you or someone you know becomes involved in a pedestrian accident, seek medical help immediately. After seeking medical assistance, let us connect you with an Akron pedestrian accident lawyer today. Feel free to Contact us online or give us a call at (888) 906-4943.


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