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Falls can occur anywhere, in a department store, on the job or even while walking down a city street. Such accidents often result from the negligence of others. In such case, the victims may seek financial compensation from those responsible. An Akron slip-and-fall lawyer can help these victims obtain the compensation to which they may be entitled to.

Understanding Premises Liability

The owners or managers of private dwellings, apartment buildings, or commercial establishments in Akron have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of their customers, guests, and other legal visitors. This means that their properties shall be maintained in such a way to eliminate obvious hazards or at least warn of any existing threats to safety. In law, this issue comes under the principle of premises liability.

Violations of this rule may come in many forms, from the failure to properly maintain walkways or provide sufficient lighting in areas that are used at night. Another threat may come from the accumulation of water, ice, or snow that makes the pavement exceptionally slippery. In commercial or private dwellings, a stairway that is rickety or lacks a handrail could lead to a serious fall. At work, falls may result from code violations or equipment that is poorly maintained.

Determining Responsibility

When establishing the viability of a slip-and-fall case, it is necessary to determine whether the owner or manager knew of the hazard and took preventive action, and whether compensation can be obtained through insurance coverage or will require court litigation. The seriousness and the cost of the injury will also be of utmost importance. If falls occur at work, victims may be entitled to workers’ compensation to help them during the time needed for recovery.

In slip-and-fall accidents, victims should not take for granted that they can receive adequate compensation. Under the comparative fault principle, the victim may have to share the responsibility for the injury suffered. This can greatly reduce the compensation that will be awarded.

The Need for Legal Representation

An Akron slip and fall attorney can serve as the victim’s legal representative, working out a compensatory agreement or, if necessary, arguing the case before a jury. An attorney will also provide the type of advice needed to help bring a case to its best possible outcome.

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