Apple Targeted in Distracted Driving Lawsuit

One of the biggest issues surrounding driving in the United States is texting while driving. It is a controversial, hot-button topic because it’s caused many deaths over the last several years. Unfortunately, the problem is only worsening as time passes.

There is a lawsuit against Apple in which the plaintiffs allege that the company isn’t doing enough to stop the problem of texting while driving. People want to stay connected all the time, regardless of the costs. Specifically, the lawsuit states that Apple has a patent for technology that can stop drivers from texting behind the wheel – a “lockout” feature that hasn’t made its way into iPhones.

Meador v. Apple, Inc. is a lawsuit that arose after a car accident in Texas during the summer of 2013. Ashley Kubiak, a 21-year-old, was driving her pickup truck while texting on her iPhone. Kubiak’s texting distracted her, causing an accident that killed two people. Another person in the car, a seven-year-old boy, was paralyzed from the accident.

Kubiak was subsequently convicted of two counts of negligent homicide and received five years of probation. Now, Kubiak keeps her phone in her purse in the backseat of her vehicle while driving, according to her attorney.

Product Liability Case Against Apple

According to the New York Times, family members of the victims in the Kubiak case filed a product liability lawsuit against Apple. The plaintiffs allege the company knew that iPhones would be used for texting, but failed to prevent Kubiak from texting while driving.

The case brought light to evidence that Apple had filed for a patent in 2008 that would prevent people from texting while driving. The patent was granted in 2014.

Product liability cases involve the liability of those involved in the manufacture of a product for damages or a risk of injury or even death that may be caused by the product. Generally, these types of cases occur due to negligence and are considered strict liability cases. This means that the degree of carefulness that the defendant showed doesn’t matter.

Meador v. Apple, Inc. touches on whether Apple and other technology companies are responsible for negligent use of their products by their customers. The lawsuit alleges that Apple knew that drivers were using their iPhones for text messaging, but failed to stop them from doing so.

In Apple’s patent application, it explained why a lockout feature was necessary, which indicates that the company was aware of the dangers of texting while driving.

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