At What Age Should You Quit Driving in Ohio?

At What Age Should You Quit Driving in Ohio?

At What Age Should You Quit Driving in Ohio?

elderly-driverAs we age, our bodies inevitably undergo changes that affect the way we think, move, and interact in our daily environment. Perception and alertness are especially important traits to have any time that a person is behind the wheel. Driving is a privilege most citizens would hope to never have to do without, especially in rural parts of Ohio where everything is far away. But how do you know when a person is no longer physically fit to continue driving?

As it turns out, age itself is not a determining factor of driving capability. However, physical condition is. The risks for unsafe driving increase with age, due to higher prevalence of health conditions in the elderly population. Here are five signs that it’s time to retire to the passenger’s seat:

A Long History of Ohio Traffic Violations

If an elderly driver has had a long history of traffic tickets, violations, or if their insurance rates have risen recently, it may be a sign that driving is starting to become a more difficult task than it should be for a normal driver. Even if an individual has always been a bad driver, these habits can worsen with age and can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Damage to the Vehicle

If an elderly person’s automobile has a new dent or scratch every week. This may be a sign that their driving skills are beginning to wean or they’re no longer able to keep an eye on the road. While a small dent may seem harmless, it could lead to a more serious accident.

Unable to Drive at Night

If an elderly driver is unable to drive at night or frequently gets lost after driving after sundown, this may be a sign that their vision and sense of direction is outside the bounds of normal driving. They should consider driving only during the day, or retire from driving.

Check for Driving Problems

You can help assess the driving capability of an elderly person by seeing how they perform on the road. You can do this by doing a test drive with them or by following them in a separate vehicle. You can also ask friends or neighbors if they have noticed any driving problems. Attention to safety, rapid response, and maneuverability are all important aspects for safe driving. For more information, visit our FAQ.

If you are an elderly individual in Ohio and you have suffered a car accident, call Ohio Accident Attorneys today for immediate help.

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