Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Tires

Every year, over 30 million used tires are sold around the country. Used tires make up roughly 10 percent of the US tire market. Used tires can be hard to resist for most Americans, as they are usually much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts.

Unfortunately, a used tire isn’t always in mint condition! Often, used tires can have quality issues that the dealer fails to address. Used tires might be one of those bargains that’s just too good to be true.

Common Issues with the Used Tire Market

Used tires are often sold by private companies that didn’t properly follow the legal standards utilized in collecting, inspecting, and reinstalling tires. Therefore, the safety of used tires becomes a major concern for many customers. Most tire sellers always double check to see if any defects slipped through the cracks during an inspection. Others tend to be careless, missing things like loose wires inside the tires, which is an indication that it was underinflated.

In one instance, a manufacturing association actually looked into the tire market in Texas, only to find that many had significant defects. The sale of unsafe used tires has grown to be a very serious problem.

Some businesses are guilty of knowingly selling used tires that have been deemed unsafe for driving, so a bill was unanimously passed to enforce a ban on the sale of used tires with the following conditions:

  • Noticeable chunks, bumps, or bulges
  • Exposed belting or tire cords
  • Tire treads under 2/32-inch deep
  • Signs of a repaired tread shoulder or sidewall
  • Unsealed punctures or inside patches with cured rubber
  • Punctures larger than a quarter inch
  • Does not display the tire identification number in any way

A used tire could have many potential problems, overlooked by vendors. Consumers have to be cautious about getting all the safety information before they make the decision to buy a used tire.

So, what are some things to consider when selecting safer used tires?

  • The absence of steel cords on the tread surface
  • The tire’s grooves pass the penny test
  • The tire doesn’t have missing chunks of rubber
  • The sidewall and treads aren’t worn down
  • The inner liner is not damaged, nor has the sidewall collapsed
  • The tire isn’t aged too long, as indicated by its Tire Identification Number
  • The repaired holes are patched instead of simply plugged

Buying the wrong used tires can result in you being involved in a tire blowout accident. If you or someone you know has suffered a severe injury in a car accident, reach out to Ohio Accident Attorneys. We have the legal resources to link you with an experienced car accident attorney in our area. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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