Bicycle Laws in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, many people ride bicycles; however, there is some confusion among residents about the legalities involving bicycles on the road. Here is a run-down of the most frequently asked questions to clarify bicycle use in Ohio.

Q: Is bicycle-riding on the road legal?

A: Yes, people can legally ride bicycles on the road in Ohio. Bikes are defined as “vehicles,” which means they can be used on all roads, except freeways or roadways with limited access.

Q: What are the rules of using a bicycle on the road?

A: Per Ohio law, bicyclists must follow the rules of the road just like people driving cars. That means they must stop at stop signs and red lights, comply with traffic laws, and ride with the traffic. People on bicycles also have the same right of way as the driver of a motor vehicle.

Q: Are there any special rules that apply to bicyclists on the road?

A: There is one chief bike law in Ohio that states that bicycles must be used as far to the right side of the road as possible. This must be done whenever it is safe to do so, but there are exceptions when there are obstacles in the road that must be avoided.

Additionally, the law doesn’t require bicyclists to move out of the way of faster traffic.

Q: Are there equipment requirements for bicycles being used on the road?

A: A bicycle must have white lights at its front and red reflectors and red lights at its back between sunrise and sunset or when it’s dark outside. This is to ensure that bicyclists are visible to other drivers on the road.

Q: Can a driver pass a cyclist at a double yellow line?

A: Traffic laws allow you to cross a double yellow line to pass any vehicle. However, this can only be done under certain circumstances. If the slower vehicle is moving under the speed limit, and you can pass it safely without going above the speed limit, then you can cross a double yellow line to pass it.

Q: Can a child ride a bicycle in the street?

A: Yes, but children need to follow the rules of the road, and parents are required to educate them and evaluate their riding abilities. Always ensure your child can ride safely.

Q: Can an adult ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?

A: There is no law prohibiting riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. In Ohio, municipalities can decide where people ride.

Q: Do cyclists have to use bike lanes?

A: No. Bike lanes are created by local governments and not the state. Usually, bike lanes are dangerous and consist of sewers, debris, and gravel. In Ohio, a cyclist can decide whether to use the bike lane or a sidewalk.

Q: If I’m injured by a negligent driver while riding my bicycle on the road, what insurance coverage applies?

A: Usually, a driver’s auto insurance policy pays for a claim. However, cyclists may also rely on their own auto insurance to cover them in the event they are injured while riding a bicycle.

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