3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Oil

Proper car maintenance starts with changing engine oil regularly. Engine oil is designed to lubricate the moving parts inside the car and reduce friction. Engine oil also prevents the engine from being damaged by oil and soot.

Many people end up having problems with their cars because they don’t realize when it’s time to take the car for an oil change. Most drivers rely on professionals to tell them when when the oil needs a change. It’s important for drivers to be on the lookout for problems caused by old oil in the car. Not changing oil often enough will eventually cause the car to break down. That’s why you should be on the lookout for any serious problem that could’ve been caused by old oil. (more…)

Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Tires

Every year, over 30 million used tires are sold around the country. Used tires make up roughly 10 percent of the US tire market. Used tires can be hard to resist for most Americans, as they are usually much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts.

Unfortunately, a used tire isn’t always in mint condition! Often, used tires can have quality issues that the dealer fails to address. Used tires might be one of those bargains that’s just too good to be true. (more…)

5 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Being involved in an auto accident is a devastating experience for anyone. After an accident, there are several things a person must know, especially if the crash was not his or her fault and was caused by another driver. In such a situation, the individual will have no choice but to file a claim through an insurance company so that they can protect themselves and their best interests for the future. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t necessarily look out for the best interests of their claimants. (more…)

How Can Whiplash Affect Me After a Car Accident?

Drivers who are involved in rear-end car accidents often experience whiplash. Whiplash is the sudden movement of the neck and head backward after an impact, and the immediate push forward. This extreme back-and-forth motion can lead to ongoing complications in the neck and spine. A person who endures whiplash after an accident may have steep medical bills to pay and may endure a lengthy recovery. Let’s examine whiplash further. (more…)

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Driving Safety Laws in the State of Ohio

Just like every other state in the country, Ohio has a specific set of laws in place for drivers and vehicle owners in general. These laws exist to keep everyone safe on the road. If you are a driver in the state of Ohio, you should know about these laws and adhere to them to ensure that you, other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can all remain safe.


Facts About Holiday Drinking and Driving

Although the holidays are meant to be a time when family and friends get together to laugh and love, tragedy can unfortunately strike. This is largely because the holidays are also a time when people tend to consume more alcohol and then get behind the wheel. Sadly, according to the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, drunk drivers are responsible for 40 percent of car crash deaths during Christmas and New Year’s. It marks a 12 percent increase of such deaths in comparison to the rest of December.


Ohio Is the Most Dangerous Place to Drive in Winter

If you are a resident of Ohio and you believe your state’s roadways are far more hazardous during the winter, you are completely correct. A recent study by the Auto Insurance Center (AIC) determined that the state of Ohio has the highest number of fatal traffic accidents from snowy or icy road conditions in the winter.


Driving Tips for Ohio Teens

In the state of Ohio, a greater number of teens are getting their driver’s licenses. This is an exciting time, especially when kids are heading back to school and off to extracurricular activities after class. Naturally, they’ll drive there, which means there are many more inexperienced drivers on the road.