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A person who owns property has a duty to keep it safe for people who visit it. This applies to business owners, homeowners and even non-profit organizations. Too often, a victim gets hurt because a property owner didn’t take the care they should have to keep their property safe.

A slip and fall accident typically occurs when a property owner or their agent behaves in a negligent way. They might fail to notice or clean up a spill or even leave an obvious danger on the floor such as wiring, boxes or even a product. The property owner may have also failed to secure carpeting or a rug. Another instance is if there is snow and ice on the premises that the property owner doesn’t clear in a timely manner.

Property Owner Safety Tips

The duty to keep a property safe for visitors is called premises liability. That is, when an owner doesn’t keep their property safe and harm results, they may be liable to the victim for their damages. The law requires owners and even renters to take steps to inspect their property and warn others of dangers. The exact care that a person must take to keep their property safe depends on the type of property use is involved.

For example, a business owner has the highest standard of care. When a person runs a business, customers come on the property so that the business can sell them goods and services. The business owner has an affirmative duty to inspect their property in order to make sure that it’s free from dangers for customers. This is the highest duty, and business owners should take great care to make sure that customers don’t get hurt because of their negligence.

When someone enters onto another person’s property for mutual benefit, the property owner still has a duty to dispel dangers within a reasonable timeframe. A property owner owes the lowest duty to a trespasser. There are still a few instances where a trespasser may bring a slip and fall case against a landowner, but the landowner must have acted poorly to leave obvious dangers for others on the property.

A Victim may Recover for a Variety of Injuries

When a victim gets hurt because of a property owner’s failure to keep their property safe, they might have medical bills as a ¬†result of their injuries. In addition to recovering for medical bills, an injured victim may be able to recover lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of use of a limb or body function, mental anguish, and more.

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