Canton Uber and Lyft Accidents

In the past, affordable public transportation was limited to taxis, buses, and trains. However, that time is done, and a new service known as “ridesharing” has emerged. Ridesharing is consistently growing in popularity, especially in Canton, Ohio.

In contrast to other modes of public transportation, ridesharing involves drivers using their own vehicles. This convenient option is typically cheaper and more comfortable than using other modes of transportation, like a taxi or bus.

Uber and Lyft provide ridesharing services, and most of the drivers who work for these companies are classified as independent contractors. This fact has raised the question of who is liable when an accident involving a rideshare driver happens.

Lyft and Uber Insurance Policies

Uber and Lyft are the two most popular companies in the ridesharing business. Like most companies, they are required to have insurance coverage to protect their company and employees. However, coverage differs for each company. For instance, Lyft’s policy is more accommodating because it covers drivers even when they are off-duty if they do not have personal insurance coverage on their vehicle. On the other hand, Uber’s insurance policy is different because it does not cover drivers at all if they are off-duty. Uber’s drivers are expected to have personal insurance policies to cover any accidents that may occur while they are not working.

Uber has two different policies to cover their on-duty drivers: one for drivers in transit to a passenger, and one for drivers with a passenger in the vehicle. Lyft, however, has only one policy for its on-duty drivers, regardless of the presence of a passenger in the vehicle.

Liability Laws Associated with Ridesharing

There are several loopholes in the law that companies like Uber and Lyft utilize when dealing with insurance claims involving rideshare drivers. Due to the grey area in these laws, many auto insurance companies refuse to provide personal insurance policies to drivers who work for a ridesharing company.

Ridesharing companies escape liability by classifying their drivers as independent contractors. Using this loophole, Uber can claim that its drivers are not covered by its insurance policy because they are independent contractors and not employees of Uber.

What Should Victims of a Rideshare Accident Do?

Being in an auto accident is extremely stressful, especially for the victim, and rideshare accidents are complex. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a lawyer if you have been in a ridesharing accident to make sure that everything is handled properly in your case. A lawyer can help you get just compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured from your accident.

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