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Common Injuries In Truck and Automobile Accidents

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a truck, you may find yourself with severe injuries. You may not realize that you have the right to seek compensation for those injuries. While each case is different, we’d like to provide you with some of the more common injuries and how you may be able to receive compensation for those injuries.

Head and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are usually some of the most common accident injuries. When you’re involved in a collision, especially one with a truck, it’s easy for you to strike your head on a solid surface such as the dashboard or steering wheel. When this happens, your brain is jolted inside of the skull and can cause injury to the soft brain tissue. You can also suffer an injury due to an object penetrating your brain.

These types of injuries can be mild, extremely severe, or anything in between. You should be aware that any symptoms of a brain injury, even if thought to be mild, can result in severe permanent conditions. It’s best to seek medical help after any motor vehicle accident involving a truck.


Whiplash is a very common injury after a car accident, especially rear-end collisions. This type of injury happens when your head is violently jerked forward and backward. This motion causes the muscles of your neck to be strained and the tendons and ligaments to tear. You’ll know you’ve suffered whiplash when you experience symptoms such as pain, reduced range of motion, or headaches.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Car accidents with trucks can also result in broken or fractured bones. These injuries will usually require immediate medical care. Some injuries requires casts while others may require surgery. Complex breaks require the use of pins and plates in order for the injury to heal properly.

Back Injuries

Another common injury in truck accidents is permanent disability due to back injuries. Many times a person can suffer a dislocated disc, but others may see injuries that result in permanent disability.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident involving a truck, it’s best to seek out the experience of a Cincinnati truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Ohio Accident Attorneys can get you in contact with an experienced truck accident attorney that can analyze your case and pursue necessary legal action. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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