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Accidents occur daily all over the United States and Ohio is no exception. While car accidents are the most common type of accident on Cleveland roadways, motorcycle riders sustain more serious injuries than any other accident victim. According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, the number of motorcycle deaths in 2014 was 27 times higher than those who were involved in car accidents. When someone is injured in a Cleveland motorcycle accident, no matter how significant it may be helpful to obtain the advice of a personal injury attorney.

Types Of Injuries

The severity of motorcycle injuries typically depends on the force of the impact and the type of accident that occurs. Some of the most common injuries motorcycle riders sustain in accidents include:

• Head Injuries
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Brain Injuries
• Broken Bones
• Severed Limbs
• Lacerations

Accident Causes

While there are many different ways motorcycle accidents can occur, some are more common than others. The most common accident causes are:

• Cars Making A Left Hand Turn
• Head On Collisions
• Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol
• Speeding
• Road Hazards

Time Frame For Filing A Lawsuit

Each state has a certain time frame that allows accident victims to file a lawsuit for damages sustained in an accident. In Ohio, the statute of limitations is 2 years from the accident date to file the appropriate documents in court. Failure to file within the statute of limitations may result in the case being dismissed.

Damages Awarded

Accident victims may be awarded a settlement, depending on the severity of their injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Some damages typically awarded in personal injury cases include:

• Doctor Bills
• Ambulance Fees
• Hospital Bills
• Transportation Fees
• Pain And Suffering
• Emotional Distress
• Cost Of Medical Devices Such As Walkers Or Crutches
• Lost Wages

Those injured in motorcycle accidents in Cleveland, Ohio may be able to obtain important information by speaking with a personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can examine the facts in the case and give the best advice on how to move forward with a lawsuit, if necessary. Hiring an attorney is one way to shift the odds in the favor of the motorcyclist, when it comes to negotiating a settlement for injuries and lost wages.

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