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Legislation in Ohio for slip and fall accidents are always changing. This is why it is necessary for anyone who has been injured to get the help of an experienced lawyer to obtain a fair outcome for their case.

Our Cleveland slip and fall lawyers are fully knowledgeable about slip and fall lawsuits. We have all of the experience and resources necessary to address the case appropriately. We have a proven record of successful settlements in these kinds of cases.

Grounds For Slip And Fall Lawsuits

When clients come to us to file a slip and fall lawsuit, we have to work hard to prove that the injuries were caused because of dangerous conditions on the property where the accident happened. We also have to prove that the owner was aware of it but never fixed the problem. To prove that the owner of the property knew of the dangerous conditions, our lawyers will have to present one of the following conditions:

  • The dangerous situation that lead to the fall was created by the owner.
  • The owner of the property knew about the dangerous conditions but didn’t fix the problem.
  • The dangerous conditions had been there for a long enough period of time to suggest that the owner of the property had enough time to fix the problem in a reasonable time frame before the accident occurred.

Lawsuits For Slip And Falls On The Job

Our firm can also help clients who had a slip and fall accident while they were working. In this type of lawsuit, the client may be able to get workers’ compensation benefits to cover their injuries and time off of work. When a slip and fall happens at work, it doesn’t matter why or how the accident happened. Our lawyers have what it takes to try the case and get the compensation our clients are rightly owed. We have all of the necessary knowledge and resources needed to win.

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In the event of a slip and fall accident, be sure to reach out to Ohio Accident Attorneys. We have the legal resources to get you in contact with local slip and fall accident attorney that can help you seek maximum compensation for your losses. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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