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Ohio Accident Attorneys is a lawyer-client matching service which helps victims of car accidents find a qualified Ohio car accident lawyer for their case. We specialize in all types of car accidents in Dayton, OH. We handle cases of motorcycle accidents, hit-and-run accidents, drunk driving accidents, pedestrian accidents, and many other types of car accidents in Dayton. We have many years of experience working in Dayton as well as all throughout Ohio. This means that we are familiar with all the traffic laws in Dayton and we know all the best lawyers in the area.

We are also an excellent source of car accident information. Usually, when someone is in a car accident in Ohio, they have many pressing questions. At times like these, it's important to get accurate answers as quickly as possible. As experts in Dayton, OH traffic law, we can help you find those answers.

Ohio Car Accident Attorneys is a specialized law firm that handles automobile cases. From truck and bus collisions to motorcycle accidents, to pedestrian and cyclist cases, we have years of experience trying car accident cases in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding cities. Matchmaking car accident victims with their corresponding legal expert is the secret to successful litigation in these dark times. We strive to help you lift the weight of legal concerns off your shoulders while you are in the process of healing from an auto-related injury in Ohio.

Dayton, Ohio is the 6th largest city in the state of Ohio and it has its fair share of auto accidents each year. As the county seat of Montgomery County, it is no stranger to high impact collisions, especially during rush hour. In 2010, Dayton, Ohio had a population of 166,179 and experienced 1,117 injury crashes out of a total of 3,427 car crashes. These crashes resulted in 1600 injuries that year. No one should suffer the heavy consequences of a car accident alone.

When you are a car accident victim, you have a lot on your plate to sort through. Your immediate concerns are obviously your health and healing as quickly as possible, but you are also thinking about your medical bills, lost wages at work, property damage to your car, and a number of other things disoriented by the car accident. The bills add up exponentially, and with so few people saving adequately for emergencies, it puts a serious burden on hard-working Dayton citizens to be slammed with thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses.

For situations in which the other driver is at fault, and they have insurance, it is possible to have their insurance company properly compensate you for a number of reasons, including your medical expenses, wages you have lost from being out of work, physical scarring, emotional distress, any future medical treatment you may need, and any rehabilitation services. Before you panic, consult with a Dayton Ohio personal injury attorney to hold the appropriate party responsible and ensure that you are fairly treated throughout the claims process. Don’t let the insurance companies try to sort things out on their own, going in circles trying to avoid responsibility.

Because traffic laws vary from place to place, it can be highly beneficial to find an experienced local Dayton car accident attorney. We have years of matching car accident victims with experienced Ohio traffic attorneys and we are ready to help you find the right one for your individual case.

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