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Parma is the seventh largest city in Ohio with a population of 80,429 in 2013.  Located on the southern edge of Cleveland it is also the largest suburb in Ohio. According to the latest statistics 93.94 percent of the citizens in Parma commute by car which is higher than the national average of 85.86 percent. This makes Parma a busy traffic area which leaves pedestrians susceptible to accidents.

Pedestrian accidents happen everywhere and Parma is no exception. These accidents can be the result of negligent drivers as well as non-vehicular causes. Some examples of non-vehicular pedestrian accidents can include poor maintenance or construction debris.

In pedestrian-vehicle accident cases, it is usually obvious who is at fault, however, the courts will try to examine multiple factors before coming to a conclusion. Some cases can be spun in the favor of the driver by sighting the negligence of the pedestrian. These can include:

  • Walking through and disrupting traffic flow
  • Running in front of a vehicle
  • Failing to use crosswalks
  • Ignoring crossing signals at designated intersections

By citing the points above, the court may come to the conclusion that the pedestrian failed to exercise caution and may have been the contributing cause to their own injuries. Even if someone else is legally responsible for your injuries, they may still try to place the blame on you. In the event of a pedestrian accident, be sure to call the police as soon as possible. Do not leave the scene until the police and medical personnel arrive. In addition, gather any witnesses from the area and do not make any statements until your lawyer in present. Without a lawyer on your side, the opposing team could twist your case in multiple directions and you can end up losing your case.

Ohio Accident Attorneys is a personal injury service that can match you with a experienced lawyer in your area. A pedestrian accident lawyer can review the facts of your case and advise you on your best course of action. A lawyer can also guide you through processing your court documents, and communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

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