5 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Being involved in an auto accident is a devastating experience for anyone. After an accident, there are several things a person must know, especially if the crash was not his or her fault and was caused by another driver. In such a situation, the individual will have no choice but to file a claim through an insurance company so that they can protect themselves and their best interests for the future. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t necessarily look out for the best interests of their claimants.

What is My Insurance Company Hiding from Me?

There are generally five things that insurance companies don’t want people to know:

  1. A driver can get his or her vehicle repaired at any repair or auto body shop they want. In general, the check the insurance company gives in that situation may be lower than what the individual expects, but that is only because the insurance company has hope that the person will cash in the check and not bother getting their vehicle repaired.
  2. When an insurance company offers a driver money for “inconvenience,” it will make the individual sign a final release, which effectively wipes out any further claims they might want to make. This is why it’s best to consult with an attorney to negotiate – you will have a better chance of receiving the funds you need to cover all costs associated with the accident.
  3. If the insurance company tells the person that his or her claim will be left open for medical bills, it’s important for the individual to make the company guarantee that. This should be done in writing, with the insurance company explicitly stating that it will pay for the person’s medical bills in full.
  4. It’s important for claimants to avoid being recorded when talking with insurance companies.  When a recorded interview takes place, the company can easily get a person to say something potentially harmful to the liability or injury sections of their claim.
  5. The insurance company is legally obligated to pay for a rental for the person to drive while their vehicle is being repaired, or must reimburse the individual if they pay for a rental out of their own pocket. If the vehicle is a total loss, however, the obligation ends when the insurance company informs the person of how much it will pay for the rental vehicle. That means any additional charges will be the individual’s responsibility.

Why Work with an Ohio Car Accident Attorney?

The best thing for any driver to do after an accident is to retain a skilled auto accident attorney. A lawyer has full knowledge of how insurance companies operate, which can greatly benefit your case for compensation. Insurance companies have large teams of attorneys on their side fighting to reject claims or minimize their value to protect the shareholders of their companies. Who will advocate for you when you are up against them? Ohio Accident Attorneys can connect you with the right attorney to handle your injury accident case. Call 888-906-4943 or contact us online for a free case review.

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