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Being injured in a pedestrian accident can be a traumatizing experience. The last thing you expect when walking down the road is to stumble over construction debris, falling, and possibly straining your ankle. The injuries that you suffer in a pedestrian accident can be severe and need to be taken seriously. You may be wondering how you are going to pay for the medical bills that continue to pile up and if you will be able to recover damages due to missing work. After seeing a medical professional, get in contact with a lawyer in your area. You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries.

Being a city of over 300,000 residents, it’s not of any surprise that pedestrian accidents occur on the busy streets of Toledo. In 2015 there were 204 alcohol related crashes in Toledo alone, with 105 of those resulting in some sort of injury and 8 of which being fatal. Aside from being struck while crossing the highway or in your neighborhood streets, drunk driving has the potential to injure pedestrians just as much as they may injure other motorists. Non-vehicular accidents can also warrant legal action. Instances such as slip-and-falls and mismanaged construction site materials may lead to serious injury where you can be entitled to substantial compensation.

Traffic laws may vary from city to city, making it highly beneficial to acquire a lawyer that knows the area. We have helped a number of Toledo residents with a range of pedestrian accident instances. Our experience working in the Toledo area has made us fully aware of laws specific to the city which can lead to a more effective representation in the court of law.

Ohio Accident Attorneys can provide you with a reference for a quality, local lawyer as we are a source of information. We can pair you with lawyers that will provide you with your legal options following your accident as well as resources for any of your pressing inquiries. If you are ever a victim in a pedestrian accident, do not wait until the pain is unbearable to seek compensation. Contact us today at Ohio Car Accident Attorneys for a free, no commitment, consultation.

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