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Any property owner in Ohio has a legal obligation to keep their property or premises safe for their guests, customers and any other visitors who come legally onto the property. When a guest or customer does end up falling on someone’s premises and suffers injuries that need medical care, they may be able to get compensated for their injuries. The best chance of winning a case like this is when the injury was sustained because of hazards located on the property or premises.

Most successful slip and fall accidents are ones that occur on a commercial property. Things like unfilled sinkholes, failure to remove snow and ice, failure to clean up spills, and not removing other known hazards or adhere to building codes are all grounds for a slip and fall claim.

Key Factors We Consider In Each Case

Your Toledo slip and fall attorney will consider the following in regards to the relevancy of your specific case:

  • How serious the injuries sustained were due to a traumatic event or fall
  • How confident we are in the fact that we can prove the property owner was negligent in ignoring a hazard that resulted in an injury
  • If insurance coverage or other sources of recovery are available

If an accident or slip and fall happens while a client was on the job or while working at a jobsite, worker’s compensation benefits may be available. We can pair you with lawyers who have decades of experience with these types of accident cases. They will work hard to ensure you are treated fairly and get the compensation available to you.

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