Youngstown Uber and Lyft Accidents

The days of the traditional taxi ride are over. Over the past few years, ridesharing has become increasingly popular in Youngstown, Ohio. Ridesharing is appealing because it’s more affordable, convenient, and comfortable than other modes of public transportation.

Ridesharing services are typically cheaper than taxis, yet more comfortable than trains or buses. Additionally, ridesharing companies use convenient phone applications that make finding a ride as easy as clicking a button on a phone.

Uber and Lyft Insurance Policies

Although Lyft and Uber are not the only ridesharing companies in the industry, they are the largest and most popular companies that provide this service. Uber and Lyft hire people to use their own vehicles as independent contractors.

Uber and Lyft have similar insurance policies, but there are a few major differences that set them apart. For instance, Uber does not cover its drivers for accidents that occur outside of working hours. On the other hand, Lyft’s policy covers off-duty drivers, but only if they are not covered with a personal insurance policy. Additionally, Uber and Lyft offer different coverage when a passenger is present in the vehicle. Uber has two different policies: one for when a driver is in route to a passenger, and one for when a passenger is present in the vehicle. Lyft has a single policy for their drivers, regardless of the presence of passengers in the vehicle.

Liability Issues that Arise with Ridesharing

Since ridesharing is still relatively new, the law regarding liability for accidents that occur in ridesharing vehicles is still developing. Due tof uncertainty in the law, insurance companies have refused to provide personal insurance policies to people who drive for ridesharing companies.

Companies like Uber and Lyft hire drivers as independent contractors, not as employees. This enables ridesharing companies to dispute liability for accidents because the drivers are not acting as employees of the company and instead as independent contractors when an accident occurs.

What to Do If You’re in a Ridesharing Accident

Being in an accident can be a life-changing experience, and it is important that you cover all your bases to make sure you are being justly compensated for any damages. An experienced attorney can make your claim process smoother and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you are in a ridesharing accident, reach out Ohio Accident Attorneys for a free case evaluation. We can  help you get in touch with a local Uber and Lyft accident attorney today!

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